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Our Story

We are a new and different kind of UK Design and Manufacturing Company.  At the heart of SPC is an innovative Design and Development Team with over 150 years of machine hardware and software experience.  The team specialises in the mechanics and components of motocross bikes.

Heading this Team is Luke Thompson who has more than 25 years of manufacturing and fabrication experience and has been actively involved in biking and karting since he can remember.  We dream-up, design and manufacture all of our products here in the UK.  All raw materials are sourced here in the UK.

The SPC Philosophy


New ideas, new technology, new ways of looking at old problems. We give our engineers time to think, time to be creative; and most importantly time to listen to our customers.

Learn from the past, use the best of the present to build the next generation.

Particularly, harness the power of software, to test out new ideas, to compare alternative designs, to improve manufacturing processes and simulate live racing conditions in the testing of new products. Dr Martin Ward heads up this Team.


Motocross is a wonderful sport which is also inherently dangerous.  All of our parts are rigorously tested before production to ensure the highest levels of safety.  We believe our processes are the best in the industry; in fact, they are unique.

  • We come up with a design.
  • We use Finite Element Analysis mathematics to simulate the safety and performance of our ideas.
  • We then build and laboratory test our prototypes.
  • Then we run field trials which last as long they need to; sometimes up to 6 months.
  • The really successful ones are then commissioned for production.

Throughout the process "Safety Factor Maintenance" is the priority.

If, at any point in the process our pre-set safety levels (all of which are specifically measured) are not attained, then the product fails and we will never produce it.

Safety, safety, safety is the key.


If you want cheap stuff don’t come to us.  If you want quality at great prices you’re in the right place.

All our raw materials are UK sourced.

They are all of the highest quality and formally certified as such.  For example, the minimum standard for all our aluminium is HE30 T6 Aircraft Grade Billet Aluminium.

The quality of the materials we use ensures that the structural integrity of the bike is not compromised, and optimum performance is guaranteed.